Cooler fall weather a good time to check smoke alarms

As the elements starts to slowly cool and we carry on in to fall, this could be furthermore a great time of yr for you to ensure that your home's smoke alarms are in excellent working order, also to alter batteries in most of the smoke alarms inside your home. Pasco County Fire Rescue would really like to be able to remind Pasco residents that will working smoke alarms save lives.

As the fire chief with regard to Pasco County Fire Rescue, I observe much too usually the actual tragedies involving lacking the operating smoke detector to be able to alert a new home's occupants in the event of a fire. Operating smoke alarms can and also do make a lifesaving difference in the fire. In Which was the content powering this year's Fire Prevention Week campaign: "Working Smoke Alarms save Lives: Test The One You Have Each And Also Every Month!"

According towards the latest National Fire Protection Association research, operating smoke alarms cut the opportunity of dying in a fire within half. Meanwhile, nearly two-thirds regarding home fire deaths resulted coming from fires within homes without smoke alarms as well as simply no operating smoke alarms.

In a fire, seconds count, and roughly 1 / 2 of just about all house fire deaths result from fires reported at night in between 11 p.m. and also 7 a.m., when nearly all folks are asleep. This particular just isn't merely the case nationally, but inside addition here in Pasco County as well. home smoke alarms may alert visitors to a fire before it spreads, giving everyone enough time for you to find out.

Here are any handful of helpful pointers relating to smoke alarms:

o Install smoke alarms in each and also every bedroom, outside each and every separate sleeping region as well as on every degree of your home. Install them according towards the manufacturer's instructions.

o Pasco County Fire Rescue recommends that will smoke alarm batteries end up being replaced whenever you make positive changes to clocks for daylight saving time in each the actual spring and fall.

o Test alarms no less than monthly by simply pushing the exam button.

o Substitute all smoke alarms once they are 10 many years old, or sooner if they do not react properly.

o Make sure everyone in the house is aware of the audio in the smoke alarm as well as understands what to accomplish when they listen to it.

To learn more about our fire prevention and fire safety programs, please contact Pasco County Fire Rescue with (813) 929-2750 or perhaps by visiting our site at

To learn a little a lot more about smoke alarms as well as "Working Smoke Alarms save Lives," visit the NFPA's site at

Scott Cassin may be the fire chief with regard to Pasco County Fire Rescue.

12/10/2014 00:17:12
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